Our Technology

Attacking bacteria with bacteriophage presents an alternative approach to preventing or treating bacterial infections with antibiotics. The Cytophage template technology (patent pending) creates tailor-made combinations of natural and genetically modified bacteriophages that target and destroy specific bacterial organisms found in humans, animals and agricultural crops, as well as on surfaces in healthcare or food processing facilities. 

There are four key advantages of our superphages versus naturally-found phages:

  • Ours are tailor-made synthetic bacteriophages designed in the lab not discovered in nature, and can be made for any bacterial problem impacting human health, animal health and food safety. 
  • Ours are safe. They don’t affect helpful bacteria, animal or human cells. There is no food chain effect as with antibiotics, and they don’t create super bugs.
  • Ours have superior efficacy in that they have kill rates of 100% versus 60% for natural phages.
  • Ours are cost effective for the global treatment of bacterial infections.

We’re currently focusing our research and development on developing products to replace antibiotics used in livestock.